College Dorm Necessities

While your high school graduation may seem far away, it’s never too early to start preparing for college! Prepping for dorm life is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. Here are a few ways to keep your new “home away from home” comfortable, organized, and fun!

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Whether it be a study treat or just for when you don’t feel like going to the dining halls, snacks in your dorm will never go to waste.  You’re bound to have some late nights or early mornings when a quick bite is just what you need. Some go- to snack ideas are granola bars, instant macaroni & cheese, canned soup and your favorite chips or crackers.

Coffee maker
(with automatic shut off, of course!) An early morning class is inevitable, and a cup of coffee will make your day that much more bearable. Keeping in mind that you’ll be living on a college budget, making your coffee instead of buying it every day is a smart choice.

Mini fridge!
While living on campus, your food source is the campus dining halls. The problem with that is they run on their schedule, not yours, and you may find yourself looking for something to eat when they’re not open. A mini fridge is great to keep drinks, perishable snacks, and the occasional late night leftover pizza. While it may take up some extra space, you definitely won’t regret having your own place to store yummy treats.

Flip Flops!
Communal showers aren’t always the cleanest. Even with a good housekeeping staff, you never know what may be lurking on those shower floors. Having a pair of flip flops handy will make your showering experience that much easier and healthier.

Dry erase board for your door!
It can be fun walking down the halls and seeing them decorated with messages from your hall mates. In the digital age, it’s even a bit charming to hold on to hand written notes. Missing home and difficult classes can be stressful and coming home to “Dinner at 6?” written on your door can be incredibly comforting.

Under the bed storage!
Sharing a room with someone can be exciting, but there may come a time when you feel like your space is a little too crowded. It’s great to use storage containers and under the bed organizers to maximize on the space you do have. It’ll create a much more comfortable and harmonious living area.

For those times you just want to watch Netflix or listen to music…ALONE! They’re also great for long walks across campus when you can just zone out and listen to your favorite tunes. Sometimes, in between classes, you may even want to find a place to sit and watch a show while you wait.

Rain boots!
Living in a dorm room usually means walking to class. Some of your classes will be across campus without access to your dorm until the end of the day, so staying dry and comfortable is a must. A cheap pair of rain boots will go a long way. And don’t worry about style, everyone else will be wearing them too!

Maybe you’re just a few miles from home, maybe you’re four hundred. Either way, you’re starting off in a new place and it’s comforting to have a little piece of where you grew up with you. A great way to incorporate this in your dorm is with photos. Photos of friends, photos of family and even photos of some of your favorite hometown spots. Get creative with it and express your personality!