How to Avoid Tan Lines Before Your Senior Photos

It’s not every day that you sit down for professional portraits, and in the “selfie” era, most of us are not sure how to properly pose for portraits. Our photographers are trained to help you, but it is always good to come prepared. Here are some tips to get your ready for your portrait session!

By Island Photo

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For long hair, hair resting on top of the shoulders typically makes hair look messy. You should either have all hair in front of your shoulders, hair in front of the shoulders on one side, or hair all behind the shoulders.
Many believe hair tied back in a ponytail can look too casual, however, hair neatly pulled into a ponytail or bun actually gives a very clean view of one’s face and can look great for professional headshots.
(These tips can vary depending on hair type, so always check in a mirror before!) 

Ears Forward!
When posing for your portraits, remember to bring your ears forward! This tip is key for creating a strong jawline in photos. It may feel uncomfortable as it is not correct posture, but it can make a huge difference in your portraits. Another way to think about this movement is to bring your chin forward, but be careful not to point your chin up! 

Lift Your Arm!
Try not to pose with your arm flat against your torso. It is better to lift your arm a few inches from your body so it is not pressed against your body and gives your arm better definition. You can also pose with your hand on your hip!

Turn Your Shoulders!
Turning your shoulders slightly can create a slimmer appearance than just sitting straight forward. 

Practice in the mirror prior to your appointment. Practice your smile, and your posing. You can even have a friend or family member take some photos of you to see what angles you prefer. 

Don’t be afraid to talk to your photographer and ask them any questions. We want you to have the best photos possible, so we are always happy to help!