Graduation Services

Island Photography has been providing high-quality graduation photo coverage for the College and High School markets for over 25 years.

Being certain you have the best team in place for this coverage provides immeasurable peace of mind.

Service and Integrity

Our school administrators trust us with their prized seniors each year without hesitation. This trust is based on years of good communication and reliability.

Photographing over 200,000 graduates annually, this is our principal market. Our 20+ years of success and growth in the commencement market speaks volumes about our commitment. We dedicate a tremendous amount of time to training our teams so they are prepared for every scenario. Island Photo continually incorporates new technology into this market to build more efficient ways of doing things. Our approach to each ceremony is distinct and tailored to that school, based on current discussions with the contact and our historical data.

Commencement Photography is precise and well-planned just as the ceremony itself. This service offers a twofold advantage for both the administrators and the graduates, as it preserves the decorum of the ceremony and provides consistently great photos quickly and affordably to your graduates and their families.

Why Choose Island Photography?

No Cost or Obligation

There is never any cost to the school or graduate nor obligation to purchase.

We Are Highly Accommodating & "Partner" with Our Schools

We build relationships that last!  We urge you to use our 20+ years of experience as a resource. We offer a wide scope of ceremony best practices and data regarding flow and timing from hundreds of colleges and high schools. Our mission is to make your job easier and more efficient. We build processes based on your needs.

Skilled and Qualified Teams 

Arriving 2 hours before the ceremony, professionally dressed in suits, our teams get to work preparing for your ceremony. 75% of our photographers have between 5-15 years of commencement experience.

Unobtrusive Style

This coverage does not impact the pace of your ceremony. We are unobtrusive and sensitive to the school's wishes regarding location and flow. We photograph each graduate very quickly.

Touch-free Name Announcement or Reader Cards

We work closely with Marching Order and can arrange for this service to be at your event or provide reader cards for your ceremony.

Photography Poses

We photograph every graduate 2-3 times. Once as they cross the stage (candid) and then again as they exit (or enter) for a quick "portrait style" photo.

Green Screen 

We provide green screen as an option for the portrait style photo which offers your graduates a selection of unique school-oriented backgrounds.

Virtual Class Photos 

Created from our green screen images, we are able to produce a "Virtual Class Group" photo of up to 800 graduates. These framed panoramics of past classes can add a nice touch of legacy to your walls!

Fastest Proof Delivery in the Industry

We deliver 98% of our graduate's proofs within 48 hours after the ceremony. Graduates receive a unique and secure link allowing them to view their individual images.

Our Products and Pricing Accommodates All! 

We offer a comprehensive selection of photo packages, digital products, and downloads. With our package pricing starting at only $7.95. 

Promotional Photo Coverage at No Charge 

All the highlights of your ceremony will be covered by our team.  You will receive a link to our admin portal to conveniently view and download your public relations images within 24-48 hours after your ceremony. (optional)

Celebrate Your Ceremony Afterwards with a Slideshow!

We will create a beautiful slideshow to share with your students and administration online as part of our service.

Come join us and you'll never look back!

Our photography service offers the advantage of preserving the dignity of your ceremony with knowledgeable photographers, a staff that cares about your event and your students.

Knowing there will be great photos available later on allows you and your parents to sit back and enjoy the ceremony. Our schools appreciate our participation in their events because we are well-organized, always arrive early, and are equipped with archival notes in hand. Let us help as a resource during your planning stages for commencement and create a relationship that lasts!

For more information please feel free to fill out our contact form or contact:

Cheryl Ipiotis: 516.767.1234 or email